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FinnSonic - Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

FinnSonic offers intelligent, safe and cost effective solutions for demanding parts cleaning needs. FinnSonic has served its well-known and successful customers worldwide for almost 40 years. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning Cavitation

When a component is immersed into the equipment tank an ultrasonic frequency vibration is transmitted into the liquid creating cavitation bubbles, and those cavitation bubbles are the ones that remove even the toughest impurities from the component surface.

Intelligent solutions for industrial parts cleaning and NDT inspection

FinnSonic is recognized by its customers to provide intelligent, safe and cost effective cleaning and inspection solutions for demanding applications. FinnSonic designs and supplies precision cleaning and FPI solutions for esteemed customers all over the world. FinnSonic is a GE licensed supplier for the cleaning and inspection equipment.

FPI solutions for manufacturing and MRO

FinnSonic solutions highlight small footprint thanks to adjustable layout, process safety and traceability. The process control ensures a repeatable operation within set parameters. Download our FPI Solutions Flyer

Benefits of FinnSonic Equipment:

Top quality at lower cost
Short cycle times 
Removes particles down to micron grade 
Cleans even the toughest impurities from complex structures 
Works with a wide range of different chemicals

FinnSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

CORUS Ultrasonic Cleaning Units for Maintenance Cleaning

With standard units capable to handle up to 1102 lbs, and the possibility to build bigger tailor made tanks to meet specific customer needs, FinnSonic Corus, is the perfect solution for components cleaning.

Easy-to-use and environmentally friendly Corus leads you to improve efficiency: reducing labor cost, reducing cleaning time, and improving the cleaning results.

Good for jet fighter engine rings, jet engine fuel pipes, jet engine shafts, helicopter jet engine parts, bearings, blades, nozzles, valves, sensors, valves, sealing, measuring devices, pump parts, pneumatic and hydraulic parts, filters, sieves, and heat exchangers

Main Benefits

  • Grants gentle and non-abrasive treatments
  • Delivers precise and superior cleaning results inclusive when processing complex structures
  • Enhances work safety
  • Reduces cleaning time  
  • Promotes cost reductions though its advanced technology that guarantee low energy and water consumption 
  • Reduces manual labor

Download our CORUS Flyer

VERSA GENIUS - Ultrasonic Cleaning Line for Manufacturing Industries

FinnSonic Versa Genius cleaning line offers a wide range of setup possibilities and configurations that goes from a single manually operated unit to a fully automated multi-step process line. 

Download our Versa Genius Ultrasonic Cleaning Flyer 

OPTIMA Ultrasonic Cleaning Line for Manufacturing Industries

FinnSonic Optima offers intelligent, smart, safe and cost effective cleaning solutions for demanding applications. Ideal for cleaning jet engine parts, landing gear components, and airframe components.

Download our OPTIMA Flyer

FINNSONIC MI - Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

FinnSonic MI is a compact and fast solution for industrial parts cleaning. The unit is easy to operate, and maintain. MI series’ modules are made of stainless steel ideal for demanding conditions and heavy use. 

Detergents: Cavitec

To obtain the best cleaning result, FinnSonic offers different options depending on the material to be cleaned, and the contaminant to be eliminated.

Download our Cavitec Flyer

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FinnSonic - Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

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