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Nuova C.U.M.E.T.

Nuova C.U.M.E.T, a large Italian manufacturer of solid carbide precision cutting tools for the aviation industry that maintains a constant research of new technologies to develop high-performance combination of geometry to improve their already excellent products.

Excellent tools to cut  Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel,  Carbon Fiber, Steel, and other industry materials.

  • End mills for hard-to-cut materials
  • Mini end mills for copper
  • Mini end mills for copper
  • End mills for hi-speed - Hard cut
  • End mills for nonmetal materials
  • End mills for aluminum
  • Roughing end mills
  • Thread end mill
  • Conventional end mills
  • Countersink
  • High performance drills
  • Conventional drills
  • Reamers – DIN standards
  • Rotary files
  • Circular saws blades
  • Rods engraving tools

Solid End Carbide for Inconel

Solid End Carbide for Titanium

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Nuova C.U.M.E.T.

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