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RIMARK - Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

RIMARK is dedicated to manufacture engine and air-frame PMA components to support quality and cost goals. Their expertise and business structure enable them to support platforms that larger PMA companies and OEMs have forgotten. 

Choose Rimark as your PMA supplier and

  • BENEFIT from Rimark LEGACY program.  In deep knowledge of the market needs, Rimark supports legacy platforms that have been putting aside by others PMAs companies.

  • EXPECT quality and TIMELY-MANNER deliveries thanks to Rimark strict quality control procedures.

  • REQUEST SMALL quantities. Thanks to a flexible operation structure Rimark works with large or small request offering the same quality service.

  • COUNT ON personalized attention, and a dedicated team to support all your requirements.

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RIMARK  - Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

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