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Vapormatt - Aerospace Wet Blast

Vapormatt provides successful wet blast aerospace solutions to meet a range of applications such as: shot blasting, wet peening, surface preparation, paint stripping, degreasing, composite preparation, deburring, and abradable coating removal.

The Vapormatt wet blast process

Vapormatt has taken the basic wet sandblasting technique and developed it into a sophisticated, controlled process. In essence it combines three phases of material (solid, liquid, gas) into a process that can be accurately directed at different angles and distances then traversed over the surfaces and edges to be treated.
Vapormatt offers a wide range of wet blasting equipment from small manual cabinets to full automated CNC systems.
DAES provides Vapormatt aerospace wet blasting technology and services in the United States (USA), the Middle East and Africa.

Benefits of wet blasting for aerospace components

  • No static build up, enhancing surface energy
  • Eliminates all dust, to promote better surface adhesion
  • Lubricating action, for lower surface Ra
  • Reduced abrasive usage
  • Lower wear on working parts


Compact and robust equipment ideal for turbine blades, blisks, and guide vanes among other components
Sabre equipment is a compact footprint  (81" x 63" x 107") and powerful wet blast solution: Built-in components such us S-Tank filtration, recirculating rinse, and elutriation tower. Check out all Sabre benefits and features  Vapormatt Sabre.

Main Features
User-friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
Compact footprint: 81" x 63" x 107"
Built-in components such us S-Tank filtration, recirculating rinse, and elutriation tower
Sound level: 75dBA
Integrated software 
Stainless steel structure 
Fully automated
MES capabilities as an option

Main Benefits
Allows a high level of process monitoring and control of
Soap (pH) and abrasive concentrations,
Slurry and air pressures,
Axis kinematics, and
Thermal controls.
Delivers reliable and consistent results.
Grants the user the ability to achieve process repeatability.
Reduces operation errors and increased process efficiency.
Requires minimal supervision and reduce labor time.
Enhances component/tool performance.

Leopard Line

Equipment for oversized components such as wing spars and turbine blades
Leopard equipment,  designed to clean, polish, and peen hard to handle aerospace components, is available in two different configurations: Vertical (Cub) and Horizontal.

Leopard Cup

Main features
Variety of configurations to suit a diverse range of applications, including peening, cleaning and descaling
Highly bespoke with a range of options to suit specific needs and processing requirements
Small footprint
Large number of guns
Fully automated
Unique and patented donut sump makes it more economical to install than alternatives where pits are required to be dug into workshop floors.
Large working envelope to handle large items
Effective filtration to ensure high levels of purity within the system
HMI panel
Main benefits
Provides smoother surface finish (lower Ra, Rz) than obtained with dry blasting processes.
Offers high levels of control to increase repeatability and consistency
Delivers static, stripe and dust free surface finish
Eliminates blasting media impregnation
Cleans without hard impact, thus surfaces defects and micro cracks are highlighted and not peened over.
Prevents fine dust explosive atmosphere build up.
Removes combustion deposits or scale prior to inspection.

Cougar Radial

APU component cleaning and inspection 
The Cougar Radial is one of Vapormatt most versatile wet blasting systems and can handle a large range of parts on its 43” diameter turntable.

Main Features
Automatic operation 
Radial arm
Easy to operate
Pre-programing sequences and customize options to suit your requirements
Ergonomic design  
Four glove ports
Air extraction via ducting with the option of an filtration unit

Main Benefits
High penetration into bores and orifices
Consistent results
Reproducible process
Excellent surface finish 
Dust free
Reduce process time
Ergonomic design for operator comfort 

News: Vapormatt unites with DAES as a distribution partner

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