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Odlings MCR- Blast machines

Odlings MCR Ltd have been supplying the aviation industry with blasting and degreasing equipment for over 30 years.   

MRO Surface Treatment Equipment :
  • Automatic blasting
  • Bead blasting
  • Brakes  
  • Degreasing washers
  • Paint rust removal Plastic media blasting
  • Stator rings
  • Torque tubes
  • Turbines
  • Wheels  

Aerota Aircraft brake parts cleaning solution
The Aerota is the MRO industry standard for cleaning rust, and paint from aircraft torque tubes and stator rings. It is an operational cost-and time-saving equipment that has fast return on investment. Delivers impeccable results: After the cleaning cycle, the parts are ready for NDT inspection.    
Download The Aerota Flyer

 Aircraft Wheel and Brake Degreasing Washer   
The ODL115AM offers both automatic and manual cleaning functions to obtain the best cleaning results and does not require a constant water feed as the water is recycled back in to the main water tank.   
Download the ODL115AM flyer

P400S - Cyclone Blasting System
Aircraft Wheel and Brake Paint Stripping  
The P400 Cyclone System is designed to strip paint using plastic media or organic materials, quickly and efficiently. Any size of aircraft wheel can be stripped of paint efficiently and safely. Simple to operate and maintain with minimal operator training required.   
Download the P400S flyer 

P300 - Mini Cyclone System
Aircraft Wheel and Brake Paint Stripping 
Designed for business and executive aircraft MRO operators
The Odlings MCR P300 Cyclone System is a modified version of the larger Cyclone System. The smaller cyclone unit and extractor make the P300 ideal for low to medium production workshops.
Download the P300 flyer 

Ideal to clean aircraft turbines.
Odlings' Turbine Cleaning Machine is a manual dry blasting unit suitable for rust removal, surface preparation and paint stripping. 

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Odlings MCR- Blast machines

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