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Kemet - Lapping Technology

Kemet Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems offer the most efficient and reliable method of  producing precision flat polished surfaces. Their flat lapping and polishing machines, and systems, are at the forefront of today’s advanced lapping technology, especially when used with Kemet Diamond products.  

Kemet Diamond quality and grading enables reliable precision lapping to be performed in production situations. Each Kemet Diamond product is a special blend of diamond powder with a specific grading and concentration in a chemical carrier to give optimum stock removal and surface finish, ease of cleaning, temperature resistance and lubricity to prevent drying out. 

Kemet Diamond lapping generates less waste and is considered more environmentally friendly than conventional lapping methods.

General Benefits of Kemet's lapping solutions
  • Faster polishing process
  • One operation surface finish
  • Faster material removal
  • Pre-set parameters
  • Reduced rejections
  • Semi-skilled operation
  • Significant reduction in lapping costs
  • Reduced inspection requirements
  • Optimum geometry and surface finish
  • Cleaner environment conditions

Kemet 15 - Bench Mounted Precision Diamond Flat

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Kemet - Lapping Technology

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