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FinnSonic Oy

Intelligent solutions for aircraft parts cleaning and NDT inspection

FinnSonic provides traceable, repetitive, intelligent, safe, and cost effective cleaning and inspection solutions for demanding applications.

The FinnSonic solutions for the aerospace industry includes  ultrasonic cleaning systems and FPI solutions* ideal for MROs and OEMs thanks to their modular system, small footprint, and adjustable layout.  

Suitable for manufacturers or maintenance cycles, FinnSonic systems are used for engine parts, components, aero structures, wheel hubs and brake parts, as well as landing gears 

*FinnSonic is a GE licensed supplier for the cleaning and inspection equipment.

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Kemet International Ltd

Precision Lapping, Polishing, Cleaning, Materialography

Kemet International Limited is at the forefront of precision lapping and polishing technology, using Diamond Compound and Diamond Slurry, which are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

  • Diamond products such as diamond compounds, slurry, suspensions and lubrication fluids
  • Precision lapping products as consumables, plates, machines and accessories
  • Metallographic products
  • Toolroom products as stones, pastes and compounds, equipment and accessories

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Odlings MCR Ltd

Aircraft wheel and brake cleaning systems

Odlings supplies the aviation industry with strong and cost-effective blasting and degreasing equipment.  Experts on aircraft wheel and brakes washing systems their machines deliver excellent and fast results. 

Odlings robust portfolio includes equipment for:
  • Aircraft brake parts torque cleaning,
  • Wheel and brake decreasing washer,
  • Wheel and brake stripping, and
  • Aircraft turbines clenching.

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Surface finishing by wet blasting

Vapormatt provides successful wet blast solutions to meet a range of applications such as: shot blasting, wet peening, surface preparation, paint stripping, degreasing, composite preparation, deburring, and abradable coating removal.

Vapormatt offers a wide range of equipment from small manual cabinets to full automated CNC systems.

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Straaltechniek International

Turnkey aerosapce shot peening and high-end blasting systems

Straaltechniek based on customer requirement creates a custom automated solution to achieves quality goals and efficiency.

Safe and environmentally friendly each Straaltechniek shot peening or blasting room is unique and fully adapted to the customer’s specifications. 

Key features of Straaltechniek robotics shot peening systems: 
  • Fully programmable system
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Six-axes industrial robot
  • Replaceable nozzles
  • Three-axes turntable
  • Mechanical media reclaim system
  • Intelligent pneumatic valves system 

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Automated Surface Treatment Plants

Since 1980 Galvatek  delivers  to - MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and Manufacturing of aircraft components - fully automated and turnkey chemical cleaning plants to the aviation industry. 

Galvatek has developed an easily adaptable purpose delivery system, where each plant designed fit precisely the unique operating environment and requirements of each customer.

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FST - Flame Spray Technologies

Thermal spray solutions.

FST is a thermal spray company specialized in plasma and HVOF Multi-Process Systems and stand-alone units.

  • Turnkey Systems and Projects
  • Thermal Spray Equipment: Combustion Wire/Powder, Wire Arc, Plasma and HVOF
  • Auxiliary equipment: Powder Feeders, Robots, Turn Tables, Dust Collectors, Heat Exchangers.
  • Thermal Spray Materials 
  • Thermal Spray Spare Parts 
  • Application & Coating Technology know-how transfer and development

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ATG (Advance Technology Group),

Complete solutions for NDT

The complete range of products and services offered by ATG Ltd. comprises solution for all conventional NDT methods used in aerospace (ET, FPI, MPI, RT, UT) as well as special applications (e.g. IRT, DR/CR – digital/computed radiography, PAUT – Phased Array UT).

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