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ARC Abrasives

Commited to metalworking solutions

ARC Abrasives, Inc. manufactures Premium Quality Compact Grain Abrasives for deburring, weld removal and surface refinishing. Used on titanium, stainless steel, nickel alloy and aluminum ARC ABRASIVES are more than just a supplier of abrasive products. It is our joint goal to supply all end users with the perfect process. Not only can we supply quality, affordable products, but also process improvements that could result in cost savings.

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The Quick Connect Solution Provider

CEJN core products are quick connect couplings and nipples for all types of media, from compressed air to gas, breathing air, fluids and hydraulic oil. Regardless of market segment, you can find our products in such diverse fields as agriculture, automotive,construction, off-shore, medical, marine, transportation, wind power and rescue, just to mention a few industries.

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Kemet International Ltd

Precision Lapping, Polishing, Cleaning, Materialography

Kemet International Limited is at the forefront of precision lapping and polishing technology, using Diamond Compound and Diamond Slurry, which are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
Product ranges are
  • diamond products such as diamond compounds, slurry, suspensions and lubrication fluids
  • precision lapping products as consumables, plates, machines and accessories
  • metallographic products
  • toolroom products as stones, pastes and compounds, equipment and accessories

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Nuova C.U.M.E.T.

solid carbide cutting tools for the aerospace industry

Nuova C.U.M.E.T is a premier Italian manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools for the Aerospace Industry. With specific specialty in cutting Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel and Carbon Fiber materials.

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The Glove Company

Performance gloves

Chemical resistant nitrile disposable gloves, and re-usable cut-rated gloves for handling material and protection. 

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