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CEJN - Air distribution systems

CEJN core products are quick connect couplings and nipples for all types of media, from
compressed air to gas, breathing air, fluids and hydraulic oil. Regardless of market
segment, you can find our products in such diverse fields as agriculture,
automotive,construction, off-shore, medical, marine, transportation, wind power and
rescue, just to mention a few industries.

Pneumatic products:

Couplings & Nipples
Air & Fluid Guns
Air Treatment (FRL)
Hose & kits
>> Pneumatic Product List 

eSafe Couplings and Nipples:

Work safety - Eliminate recoil and reduce noise 
Leak free - Increase tool efficiency  
Time efficient - Easy and quick connect technology 
Cost-effective - Long service life 
>> eSafe Couplings and Nipples

New Generation of Hose Reels

 Withstand outdoor use, UV radiation, chemicals, and to resist wear
 Full-flow patented design allows unrestricted flow
 The reels are designed so the hose can be replaced thus extending its lifespan
 High flow and low pressure drop
 Full-flow patented design allows unrestricted flow
Safety features:
 Hose guide allows slow, guided retraction
 Soft stop-ball prevents tripping
 Anti-kink safety features
 180o swivel feature allows the operator to move around freely
 Safe-locking feature keeps reel in place


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CEJN - Air distribution systems

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