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Straaltechniek - shot peening and blasting

Netherlands-based innovators in shot peening and high-end blasting turnkey solutions

Straaltechniek International develops and builds complete shot peening and high-end blasting installations for the aerospace industry. Each installation is unique and fully adapted to the customer’s specifications.

Key Features

  • Completely customized.
  • Designed and adapted to client’s specific needs.
  • Innovative installations.
  • Planned by qualified and experienced engineers.
  • Suitable for compliance with standards such as NADCAP, AS9100, FAA, and EASA
  • Automatic shot peening process data can be recorded for quality control.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Installation and operation assistance.
  • High degree of automation. Manual interventions are limited to obtain consistent quality, and to save time and labor costs.

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The solution against metal fatigue

Shot peening is Ideal for landing gear, turbine blades, discs, and shafts. Increase resistance to crack formation and breakage, and extends components lifespan. 

Increasing landing gear crack resistance

To increase Landing Gear crack resistance Straaltechniek provides innovative, and 100% customize shot peening long-life solutions. As each Straaltechniek solution is specifically designed to meet customer needs, there is not an exhausted list of features. Nevertheless, we can take a look at previous successful landing gear delivered solutions and find features such as:

  • SIMULTANEOUS internal and external shot peening process.
  • Six ROBOT CONTROLLED AXLES interconnected to the dolly for full automation and ideal for complex structures.
  • Highly efficient ROTARY NOZZLES capable of reaching holes of less than 8 mm of diameter.
  • AUTOMATED MEDIA RECOVERY and reclassification by diameter and shape.
  • Use of STEEL SHOT AND CERAMIC BEADS in a single process. And, as always, the best quality at the best cost with MINIMUM DOWNTIME

    Robotic shot peening system - promoting safer landings and take-off

    Straaltechniek robotics shot peening systems are built in a self-contained unit that delivers precise and safe operation.

    Click here to watch how it works 


    • Fully programmable system: the programming can be done using a remote controller.
    • Real-time monitoring: the software package enables real-time monitoring, controlling, and recording of old critical feeding parameters.
    • Industrial robot: a precise six axes robot that can be mounted to the ceiling or on one of the sides of the cabinet, executes the nozzle manipulation.
    • Replaceable nozzles: the nozzles can be changed allowing the process of different parts sizes and shapes; and meeting specific needs.
    • Indexing turntable: a three-axis rotating platform that works integrally with the robot generating a total of nine programmable axes to guarantee high accuracy of the shot peening process.
    • Mechanical media reclaim system: ensures the highest quality level for the peening media.
    • Intelligent pneumatic valves system: regulates the closed-loop pressure and shot flow controllers to ensure an even and continuous shot flow.
    • Record: all critical parameters of the shot peening process are recorded for repeatability and traceability.

    The excellence begins on the inside

    When the excellence begins on the inside,  each part counts, and to achieve it you must rely on quality technology. The excellence behind Straaltechniek's shot peening and blasting rooms is based on the ability to design 100% adapted turnkey installation and the used of the best technology and innovative parts across the installations.
    Inside of a Straaltechniek wheel blasting machine you can find one perfect example of  excellence: The GN Wheel (R)
    With curved blades and an ingenious blade support, this wheel is a distinctive piece on the room that enhanced the overall performance. 

    GN Wheel Key Benefits 

    • Improves the shotflow  
    • Extends the blades life
    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Increased blasting efficiency

    Click here to watch inside a wheel blasting machine

    Aircraft fuselage shot peening treatment

    An accurate shot peening treatment extends the service life of the fuselage components by delaying the crack process. For such a critical process, the recommended course is to work with a company that offers outstanding quality and bespoke solutions. Straaltechniek combines innovation, flexibility, strategic planning, and high technology to reach the specific demands of each project with the highest and most consistent quality for the lowest cost.

    Download an example of a shot peening solution design for aircraft fuselage

    DAES Distribution provides  aerospace shot peening and blasting technology in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) and the Middle East regions.

    >> News:  DAES Distribution Selected by Straaltechniek International as Distributor Partner

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 Straaltechniek - shot peening and blasting

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